Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Failed Tempo

Wow. Failed tempo is a recurring theme here. Last week it was the proverbial wall. Today, it was a recurrence of the hamstring problem I had back in week 2. Yet again, I was running too fast.

I was going to do 3 race pace miles and some cruise 800's before doing 3 miles at tempo pace. Somewhere during my second race pace mile, I saw my good friend Matt doing speed work. He was doing .25 mile repeats. I am tired of running alone, so I joined him. Man, he was NAILING those repeats and I was trying to keep up. We're talking 1:20-ish, some sub 1:20. I couldn't keep up for the first two, but then I was able to keep pace with him. On about the 6th one, my hammy just tightened up. I was planning to do 3 tempo miles after the repeats, but I had to stop.

I think I've learned enough to stop early. I didn't try to run much more after the pain started. I should be OK for this weekend's long run, 20 miles.

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