Saturday, October 18, 2008

18 Miler!

18 miles has always seemed like an insane distance to me. Even though I finished today, it still seems insane!

I chose to sleep in a bit today, so I didn't hit the track until about 9:00 AM or so. It is AWESOME that the weather was fit to do that today. It was ugly, slow, and painful, but I was determined to finish. I'm still learning this fueling on the run thing, and I learned some today. At about the 12.3 mile mark, my iPod crashed, so some of my splits are way off. Here they are, but they are not really 1 mile splits.
  1. 7:54
  2. 8:09
  3. 7:49
  4. 7:38
  5. 7:50
  6. 8:16 (get used to the 8+)
  7. 8:14
  8. 8:07
  9. 8:27
  10. 8:10
  11. 8:14
  12. 8:35
  13. 12:36 (restroom break, water bottle refill, and ipod crash)
  14. 9:35 (About a 1.2 split, the out on the Swan Creek Greenway)
  15. 10:41 (about a 1.3? split, the back up to the nearest 1/4 marker on the track)
  16. 8:49 (pretty accurate)
  17. 10:23 (I'm totally guessing because I left the track)
  18. No idea, I was just glad to be home.
And before I started the 18 miler I jog-walked about 1.8 miles with my wife, so I'm somewhere near 20 miles total for today.

I'm going to try my best to stick to this schedule because Saturday is the only day that I have to completely blow on a long run. I was completely worthless for the rest of the day!

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