Sunday, October 5, 2008

14 Miler

This week's long run was scheduled to be a 14 miler. I made it!! That is a long way, and it is over halfway. Whew! I still have a LOT of training miles to log before I'm ready, but I really feel like I'm finally making some progress.

I saw my friend Matt out running today, and I'm glad of that! He has been battling some shin splints and wisely took some time off from running. That 1/4 or so we ran together sure did go fast! Well, as fast as a 2:00 quarter can be. What I mean is that it was good to have some company even if for a short while. Get better and get back out there, buddy!

I averaged about a 7:48 pace today. 7:45 was my goal, so I'm pleased, except for the last two slow miles. I also tried eating on my run. I've gotta get used to food while I run if I'm going to survive a marathon. I ate a granola bar at 5 and 10 miles, about 360 calories total. Splits...
  1. 7:34
  2. 7:44
  3. 7:35
  4. 7:41
  5. 7:48
  6. 7:54
  7. 8:04 (stopped to tie my shoe, that's my excuse)
  8. 7:50
  9. 7:53
  10. 7:49
  11. 7:55
  12. 7:46
  13. 8:07 (hill is my excuse)
  14. 8:07 (no excuse!)

1 comment:

Tanjie said...

No excuses necessary! Those are good splits on your longest run yet!
Go, Eric!