Thursday, October 16, 2008

Failed Tempo

I tried to do a tempo run today, but failed fairly miserably.

My goal was
  • 3 miles @ 7:25
  • 6 x 800m @ 3:21
  • 3 miles @ 7:03
Well, I got about halfway.
  1. 7:23
  2. 7:22
  3. 7:10
  1. 3:13
  2. 3:12
  3. 3:31 (and I was walking the last 50 feet because I was completely out of gas)
Then I called my wife to come to the track and pick me up and called Mark Freeman for some encouragement! I may try to knock out the last 4.5 miles this evening before bedtime. That's probably better than nothing. I know that it's not good to do a long run that way, but maybe I can get away with two shorter tempo workouts instead of one long one.

I'm pretty sure one problem this morning was nutrition, or lack thereof. I ate nothing before my workout, and I ate light yesterday. Eating nothing really worked for workouts of 6-8 miles or less. For workouts that break the 10 mile mark, I have to eat something before I start.

I'm gonna do an easy (maybe 9:00/mile pace) 45-60 minute run Saturday and a long run Sunday.


Anonymous said...

But you did run with me..that counts for something right? :P

reachdown said...

That counts for a lot! I'll run with you right after the marathon if you want!