My Shoe Closet

Just in case anyone is interested, these are the active shoes in my closet. I cannot recommend and thank Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville enough. Dink and Suzanne have assembled an amazing staff. Those guys work so hard and they are sincerely interested in your running success and your satisfaction with each and every purchase. Everything I recommend here can be purchased or ordered from Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville.

Racing Flats
I used to wear the Nike LunaRacer. But the later versions started rubbing blisters on my Achilles. I hate that because I really enjoyed those shoes. I may try them again some time. But in the mean time, I've tried out the Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2. They're heavier than the LunaRacer. They're just north of 8 ounces compared to the LunaRacer at just over 6 ounces. But they have some, I don't know, I can only call it "pop" when I run in them. And they're far and away the most comfortable racing flats I've ever tried on. And they were the most common shoe among the top 100 at Boston in 2015.  That's gotta mean something, right? It's a great 5k to Marathon racing shoe.

Everyday Trainer
I waffle between the LunarGlide5 (I still have an old pair) and the Saucony Guide 8. I didn't really care for the updates to the LunarGlide6 and I liked the lower heel to toe drop of the Saucony, so I switched. I loved the Guide 7 and the Guide 8. I'll probably give the Guide 9 a try very soon. 
One thing I'll say... The new shoes that I've chosen just don't look as cool as Nike shoes. Nike just knows cool. But comfort is driving my selection, and right now, these are the shoes that I find the most comfortable. 

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