Friday, August 22, 2008

If I can...

That guy in the pictures wants to run a marathon. Really. That's me. That's me at 5'11", 238 lbs. I don't want to say that "if I can, anyone can" because I don't know everyone's situation. I make no excuses for my previous physical condition, but others who are not in great physical condition may have good reasons for that. I got to be 238 pounds by eating indulgently and being lazy.

To be sure... I'm not beginning my marathon training at 238 lbs. I've since lost some 70 lbs. This morning the scale read 167. It has taken me some two years to lose that weight. And I didn't lose the weight by running. I didn't really start running until this year.

So, how did I do it? One day I'm going to write a book on how I lost 70 lbs. Naaa, it wouldn't sell. I lost 70 lbs. by eating healthier and exercising more. Really, it's that simple. We know that vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are good. We also know that fried, processed, sugary foods high in saturated fat are bad for us. Most people who don't eat much of the fried, processed, sugary foods and combine that with exercise will maintain a healthy weight.

So here's a couple of "after the weight loss but before the marathon training" pictures. Training starts in two days.

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