Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did you brush your teeth?

First, I have to give a big shout out to a work buddy of mine. He and his wife made the journey to Virginia Beach, VA, this weekend to run in today's Rock and Roll Half Marathon. He started losing weight at about the same time I did (info about my weight loss is here), and has completed two half marathons in the past year! Nice job, buddy! We ask each other just about every day, "Did you brush your teeth this morning?" What we mean by that is, "Did you workout this morning?" The idea is that workouts are as essential to our health and well-being as hygiene. It sure is shameful to admit to not brushing your teeth!!! I know he "brushed his teeth" this morning because I saw his results at Congrats!

Yesterday's results from Monte Sano can be found here and for those interested in Limestone County finishers, be sure to check out the North Alabama Runner blog. I was a tad off in what I reported yesterday. I came in the 10k at 45:37 (7:21/mi) and in the 5k at 22:24 (7:14/mi). I really hope to run a 42 minute 10k and a 20 minute 5k before the marathon. I've run a 20 minute 5k in my training for Cotton Row and my basebuilding for marathon training. I just need to put that together on a race day. A 42 minute 10k is gonna take some work.

Well, I'm off to run the Nike+ Human Race.

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Doug said...

Thanks Eric! My wife and I did brush our teeth and it was painful this time... About midway into the Virginia Beach 1/2 Marathon, it became a goal to just get across the finish line. I can come up with tons of excuses but instead I am going to put this one down as a kick-n-the-butt learning experience and try to improve. In fact, we are signing up for the Huntsville 1/2 Marathon when we get back. Since it is written here, I can't back out. I will be better prepared next time :-) Other than my run (Sup was doing outstanding), Virginia Beach was GREAT!!! We had a ball this weekend...

I'm glad to see you did so well at the Monte Sano run. Way to go!!!