Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Hindrance?

Tonight, I just realized that there may be a hindrance to my marathon training that I didn't think about. College Football. How can I get in bed on time when there's football on Thursday nights? How can I eat right on Saturdays when I'm around chicken wings, ribs, chips, dip, cookies, etc. And since Saturday is my long run day, I just KNOW that I'll justify all of those bad foods. I can hear it now... On the third Saturday in October, while I'm watching BAMA beat up on Tennessee with my favorite fellow BAMA fans, I'll say, "I ran 18 miles this morning, so I can have 10 extra meatballs, 2 more brownies, and drink Coke to wash it down." My discipline will be tested this fall!

On to today's workout...

45 minutes on the elliptical. I went at it pretty hard with sweat flying across the gym, but it still isn't close to the same as running. I also walked around the track at Athens High with my daughters. They wanted to jog some, so I obliged. No knee pain. More importantly, they made it all the way around the 1.5 mile track without a single complaint! I was so proud of them! Erin even wants to train for a 1 mile fun run again sometime soon.

I'm still taking tomorrow off from running to be sure. Hopefully I can run well on Saturday on Monte Sano.

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Getting My Words Out said...

I'm really laughing out loud now...I can't wait to see how the fall training went. What a great Bama season 2008 was-anticlimactic after the loss to FL, but very exciting to say the least. It's funny to read this with the advantage of hindsight...especially after reading about Mountain Mist. :D