Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few plugs before I begin

Just what is this race I'm running? Check it out at Go ahead, you know you want to sign up, too! Actually, I haven't signed up yet, but I will before the price goes up.

What's my training plan? Find it here. I'm shooting for 3:30, so I'm following the advanced plan on that page.

Every more experienced runner tells me that I'm insane for setting a time limit goal for my first marathon. Perhaps I should listen. But I just can't convince my self NOT to set some sort of pace goal. An 8:00 mile pace even seems slow to me, but I have to respect the distance.

My gear? Simple. A pair of Asics GT 2130 shoes, a Timex Ironman stopwatch, and a Nike+ for my iPod nano. You can get all of that at Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville. Shop there. It's a great store with great gear, and best of all, GREAT customer service.

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