Monday, October 6, 2008

Day Off - Much Needed!

Today is a scheduled off day. Man, I need it! My legs are tired! This weekend was brutal with the 10k race and the 14 mile long run.

Also, I attended a wedding about an hour and a half drive away on Saturday. Congrats Joe and Leah!! Then, I gave a short presentation before the Lord's Supper on Sunday morning. And finally, I was asked to do a sermon on short notice Sunday evening because our preacher is sick. You can get the sermon audio and the PowerPoint slides at I was happy to do that and I always try to be prepared for something like that by studying the Bible regularly, meditating on it, and jotting down notes from my study. What a busy weekend!

I only have two races on my calendar for the remainder of the year.
I'm considering the Vulcan Run 10k because my training plan calls for a 10k race on Nov. 1 and I really want a 42 minute 10k this year. Undecided.

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