Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scheduled (but undeserved) Day Off

I did not deserve today off, but any run today would have been almost impossible. A treadmill was my only option because I wasn't staying in the safest part of town (both traffic and unsavory characters). My schedule calls for a rest day between the long run and the first run of the following week. Tomorrow will be a hard cruise/speed or tempo workout. No matter what, I'll run tomorrow morning. The decision has been made.

Since I'm behind, I have two options moving forward.
  1. Cruise tomorrow, 4 easy miles Friday, tempo Saturday, rest Sunday, long run Monday (that means a 4 am start... ewww), off Tuesday, cruise/speed Wednesday, 4 easy miles Thursday, tempo Friday, off Saturday, and long run Sunday
  2. Skip tempo or cruise/speed this week and do my long run Saturday
Any more experienced readers have advice here? Would a skipped cruise or tempo workout be terribly detrimental? The risk with option 1 is that the schedule is so tight, there is no room for flexibility (travel). Also, the rest is limited with option 1, so there is risk that the quality won't be there for the workouts. Which is the worst to skip, tempo, cruise/speed, or rest/recovery?

At the risk of undeserved kudos, I'm pleased that it isn't worse than it is. I've been traveling 5 weeks in a row and I've managed to record some strong training runs on the road in unfamiliar places and on awkward schedules. I'm only up a couple of lbs, and that has been in the past week.

I'm really excited about the long runs coming up. I can't wait to record a 20 miler!

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