Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attempted Long Run

So I decided that I would attempt a long run this morning. It was beyond ugly. If I ever wanted to know what my body is capable of after back to back nights of 4-ish hours of sleep, I found that limit today. Sunday, travel and work hindered my bed time. Last night, I just couldn't fall asleep and then didn't sleep well when I did doze off.

I really needed to hit the road no later than 4:00 AM this morning to have a chance at completing my 16 miler. But I just couldn't force myself up any earlier than 4:00 AM, so I didn't hit the road until 4:30. Then, I knew that I wouldn't finish the 16, but I sure didn't feel good enough to have a chance for a decent speed workout. So I slogged out 10 miles. I wanted to do at least 12. Man, I hit a wall at like 8. I was up 3 lbs. this morning from Friday. Ewww. Chubby! My knees felt every ounce of those lbs. I bruised my left knee playing tennis last week, (The truth is that I fell, but if anyone asks, I dove.) and it was terribly sore this morning, and still is. Nothing major, I expected it to hurt. Splits, ugly as they are, are below.
  1. 7:48
  2. 8:23
  3. 8:28
  4. 7:39
  5. 7:32
  6. 7:36
  7. 8:20
  8. 7:45
  9. 8:09
  10. 8:41
Today was one of those days that I ask myself the question that everyone else asks of me. "Why am I doing this?" That was painful, disappointing, and ugly. But the important thing is that I ran 10 miles farther than I would have run just a short year ago.

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