Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 2, Injury 2

Ugh. So, today was supposed to be 4 miles and 4 x 100 m strides. I did 2 miles (and those felt really good!), and then stopped at the Athens Middle School track to do the strides. On the 3rd set of strides, I felt a sharp pain in my left hamstring. Yuck. I tried to walk it off. I tried to stretch it out. I tried to massage it out. It still hurts. It doesn't hurt when I walk, but I can't even jog. Grrrr. I'm gonna ice, stretch, and massage to see if I can work this out soon. I really don't want to miss another tempo workout this week. And missing this weekend's long run would be TERRIBLE. It's an 11 miler, which would be my longest distance run ever. I am really looking forward to that run.

I know my mistake. I was going too fast on the strides. I was feeling so good this morning, that I overdid it a bit on the strides. I think I'm going to replace my strides with Fartlek intervals mixed in my mileage. I tend to maintain a little more control during Fartlek sessions than when I'm on a track. Something about a 400m or 200m track just tells my body to sprint.

Oh, by the way, I sent in my registration for the Athens Duck & Run 5k. Come on, send in that registration if you haven't already! Sept. 12 is the early registration deadline. Print this form, write a check, and come to Athens and race. Yeah, it's a Saturday which is my long run day, but I'm gonna move my long run around that week to accomodate my hometown's only annual race.

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W.Q. Duck said...

Thanks for the great promo help!
See you on the 20th!