Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I LOVE outdoor racquetball. It's a completely different game from indoor, and it is so much fun! Today, I played 8 games of outdoor. The training plan called for 4 miles. There's no way that 8 games = 4 miles of distance, but it was a good, long, FUN workout and probably exceeds 4 miles in terms of effort. And I've read that lateral movement strengthens the hip abductor muscles which helps ITBS.

You may have heard the eggs bacon principle. In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved in the breakfast, but the pig is committed. Well, I'm a pig now. I was involved in training; now I'm committed to the marathon. I sent in my application and fee today. My knee is feeling much better, so I think I can make it to the starting line. If I make it to the starting line, I'm confident that I can slog it out to the finish line.

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Anonymous said...

That is what I'm talking about, now I just need to convince you to sign up for Mountain Mist (50K)!!!