Friday, September 5, 2008

Tempo... Not Really

The tempo workout this week was supposed to be
2 x 7:30 miles
2-3 x 7:03 miles
2 x 7:30 miles

I really did 8:00, 7:50, 7:36, 7:10; 7:55; 8:10. And every step hurt the hamstring a little, but not much. The hammy and fatigue are my excuses for this morning. Since the run was such a weak effort this morning, I'll try to hit the gym for some weights today if time permits. I'll probably go easy or take tomorrow off and do the 11 miler on Sunday.

I need to sleep more, but college football was on last night!

And good luck to my buddy Mark who is racing the Frantic Frog Triathlon tomorrow. He's also marathon training with me, but is starting way faster and stronger than me. But he's gonna push me to work harder and smarter. Rocket City is the first marathon for both of us.

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