Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, today's workout doesn't much matter because I'm celebrating 14 amazing years of happy marriage today!

But, I'll post it anyway...
  • 15 min warm-up with 4x100m (estimated) strides.
  • 1 mile @ 6:32, 2 mins rest
  • 1 mile @ 6:37, 3 mins rest
  • 1 mile @ 7:05, 3 mins rest(I thought I was going to die on this one, and this one has a long quarter in it. No, really, one of the quarter mile markers on the Athens High track is a little long. Either that or I'm consistently 10-12 seconds slower on it for no other good reason. I think another one is a little short, but the short one wasn't in this mile.)
  • 1 mile @ 6:48, 3 mins rest
  • 15 min (maybe more) cool down
7.75 miles total

All in all a good start to the work-week, though I would rather not have had that 7 minute mile mixed in there.

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