Tuesday, September 9, 2008


First, I have to do something I forgot to do yesterday. Congrats to my buddy Mark for finishing first in his age group at the Frantic Frog Triathlon. See the full results here. Nice job Mark! I have no idea why Mark would marathon train with me. I have no chance to keep up!

Today was just a nice 4 miler. I was aiming for 7:25 or less pace. I skipped the strides since I tweaked the hamstring doing that last week. Today, both legs were fine. I just did 2 laps around a 2 mile loop in my neighborhood. I was able to hold the pace very well, even on the small slow rising hills. It actually felt great to run today. I'm starting to feel the effects of the missed tempo workouts, though. I was struggling to keep my pace on that last mile, but I did. I really need some tempo work.

7:24, 6:57; 7:25; 7:18 for an average pace around 7:12.

Any Athens readers out there? Does anyone know of any good hills to workout on in Athens? I've been doing Thomas Dr. in Madison and Hillmont St. in Huntsville. Those are great hills, but they're not in Athens. I know about Lee St from Marion St. to the RR track. That's a nice hill, but it's too short. Any nice 1/4 or 1/8 mile hills in Athens that rise 60-100 feet? Comment or drop me an email if you know of any.

This would be ideal if it were in Athens.

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Lance said...

I've lived in Athens all my life and I can't think of any hills. It is a flat area of the country.

You could go up 127. Just before Elkmont there is a long climb. The bad part is that you would be running on that busy road.

Also, the rails-to-trail has a few climbs. If you leave it out of Elkmont and go north it is a decline all the way to Veto. Turn around and it is an incline most of the way back. (That is if I remember it correctly)