Monday, September 29, 2008

Still trying for tempo

So today was another attempt at a tempo workout. I opted to skip last week's long run because I was so far behind schedule, and it was a short long run. Wait, that doesn't make sense. Anyway...

Today called for 10 miles with 8 minutes of vigorous uphill time. I'm not able to get to hills today but I will be able to Thursday, so I'm substituting the tempo workout for today's workout. I tried
  • 3 miles at goal pace
  • 4 x 800 cruise intervals
  • 3 miles at tempo pace
I didn't really have a good way to measure the 800's today, so I tried to do 3:30 pickups at cruise pace. I really was going much faster than cruise pace, but I can't make myself slow down on 800's or 400's. I simply could not maintain tempo pace for more than 2 miles at the end. I seriously thought I was going to vomit. I was totally gassed, and was still 2 miles from home.

Oh yeah, about a half mile after I gave up and started walk/jogging, I was jogging and saw a skunk. He was way too close for my comfort, about 20 feet. So I found some energy and kicked it in as close to a sprint as I could! Luckily, I got away without being sprayed!

9 miles total, and I'm trashed. I need to find a way to finish a tempo workout strong. Maybe next week. The good news... My knee is GREAT!!! Thanks for showing me the stretches Mark!

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome, glad they are working out!