Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stir Crazy

Since the shingles diagnosis, I've been cooped up in the house. I'm contagious, so I want to be considerate of others. Also, I know that I need rest to recover, so I'm trying to get plenty of it. I didn't know how painful shingles was until now. That has made rest next to impossible. But I'm either getting used to it or it's getting better.

I want to run very badly, but my wife is being the voice of reason and encouraging me to take one more day off. For once, I think I'll listen. Tomorrow I hope to run again.

I was thinking about my 2009 goals, and I'm a little behind.
  • Break 19:30 in a 5k.
  • Break 41:00 in a 10k.
  • Finish a 50k trail race.
  • Run Rocket City in 3:25. Maybe in 2010 I'll aim to BQ.
I've finished a 50k, but the 5k and 10k have me a little worried. 6:17 for 3.1 and 6:36 for 6.2? I'll try. Those goals may be too lofty. I'll have to join Mike Greene some more and learn to hurt and to race faster than I train to get there.

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rundanrun said...

Sorry about the shingles. Hope you are not out of running too long.

I hate not being able to run.