Sunday, March 29, 2009

Athens Group Run and Excuses

There was a low turnout for today's 10 miler in Athens, only 5 folks. But I'm glad that those 5 showed! There are races today. There were races yesterday. That accounts for most of the folks who were missing. And the windy spitting rain and cold didn't help either. It just wasn't a great morning for a run!

And I had to drop out after only 2 miles. I just did not have it today. I was having a pain in the back of my knee. I've had that exact pain before a few times, and every time it goes away with a day of rest.

I knew something was wrong yesterday when I raced MHM. I really believe I'm capable of sub 2:10 on that course. 2:10 was my goal. 2:18 wasn't bad by my standards, but I definitely wanted better. I seriously considered skipping the race yesterday. If Blake had given the shirt away at packet pickup instead of as a finisher's award, I would have definitely skipped the race. (Thanks, Blake! I'm glad I ran even though it hurt.)

I mentioned fatigue and back pain. Well, I was having chest pain also. And yesterday a rash developed on my chest. I just ignored it and ran anyway, but there was no ignoring the fatigue. I just didn't feel good. And I still don't. So I went to a clinic today and found out that I have shingles. Shingles? I thought I was too young for that? Ugh. Maybe that explains why I felt so rotten yesterday. Maybe that explains the cramping and general yuck feeling. My body has been too busy fighting off a virus to deal with running hard.

By the way, shingles is very painful. So, if you've been around me much lately and haven't had the chicken pox, beware.

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