Saturday, March 7, 2009

This week...

This was my first sub-30 mile week of the year. It was the first sub-30 mile week since the week after the Rocket City Marathon. I suppose it's okay to lower the mileage the week after a 31 mile race, but I am very disappointed with the week. I missed two workouts and didn't make them up. My long run was only 16 miles today.

This week, though, it really was about time. I simply didn't have time to do the miles. I traveled and worked late every night on the road. That zapped my energy for early morning workouts.
  • 5 treadmill miles on Tuesday
  • 8 easy road miles (8:02 pace) on Friday
  • 16 trail miles on Saturday (McKay Hollow Madness plus a couple extra on the South plateau)
I also learned today just how difficult the McKay Hollow Madness course is. It's brutal. I'm struggling to set a goal for that race, but right now I'm thinking I'll do very well to run that race in 2:20. I'd sure take advice on a goal for that race.

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Getting My Words Out said...

....looks like you met your goal, even with shingles! Im-pres-sive!