Wednesday, March 18, 2009

McKay Hollow Madness Course

That's the elevation profile of the McKay Hollow Madness course. There are about 3500 feet of gain and loss. Nice.

This morning I got in a pre-work run on the McKay Hollow Madness Half Marathon course. There's enough light to see at about 6:30 or so these days. I tried to start then, but was a little late. (Those who know me won't be the least bit surprised.)

I really like this course! There are sections that simply are NOT runnable. Other sections are very fast. Other sections are steep (both up and down!) . It is very scenic. There are rocks, dirt, mud, creeks, roads, and hills. If you're a trail runner, RUN THIS RACE!

The winning time on this race will be slow for a 13.1 miler, maybe over 1:50:00. (It's actually a smidge longer than 13.1, but close enough for a trail run.) I have no idea what to aim for myself!

I was going very easy this morning because today is scheduled to be an easy run, and ran it in 2:40-ish. That's a tough course to do an easy run on! On the descent to McKay Hollow, I turned my right ankle over pretty bad. I had to walk the rest of the way down. I was able to run most of the remaining 6.5 miles. I just couldn't speed on the descents because the ankle was too sore an unstable. It's pretty sore and swollen now, but I'm hoping it will be OK.


mgreene said...

You're a madman! Running McKay before work on a Wednesday!

Rae! said...

How is your ankle doing? Lots of ice.

Getting My Words Out said...

Okay...this is the first time I've seen the elevation profile. WOW.