Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mount Cheaha 50k Results Are Ready!

I wish I had a waterproof digital camera. The few photos I have from the finish just do not give the reader any idea of what the race is like. Check out the elevation profile of this course. According to my Garmin, this course gains over 7300 feet.

Do take the time to visit the 2008 photo gallery. The creek crossing with the rope was several inches deeper in 2009, above my waist. Well, that's my one regret about the race: no photos during the race.

The results are now available. View them at the Mount Cheaha 50k Race website. I didn't quite make the top half, 63 of 123. Next year, if I'm able to run this race, I'll be aiming for the low 6:00 range, hopefully top 30.

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