Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Speed work

I met Lanier and Matt at the Athens High walking track at 5:00 AM this morning for some speed work. I really needed to run fast. I haven't run fast in a long time. I did a few tempo runs training for Mount Cheaha, but no fast miles or 800's or 400's. Today, the plan was to do 6x800's at 3:15 or faster with 2:00 rest between repeats.

This was Lanier's first time to do speed work. Nice job Lanier! He hung with us and said he'd join us again next week. And Matt, well, let me just say that he had fresh legs today. He absolutely led the way on all the repeats. Nice job, Matt!
  1. 3:05
  2. 3:16
  3. 3:06
  4. 3:05
  5. 3:10
  6. 2:56!!!!!
That last one was my first sub-3:00 half mile ever. Speed work is fun.


Rae! said...

Explain speed work.Those times are based off of a half mile?? And how do you time it??

reachdown said...

You got it. Run a half mile and time it with a stop watch.

Those times are how long it took us to run a half mile. There is a track near where we live that's a 1.5 mile loop with every 0.25 mile marked. We just line up and run a half mile and time it with a stopwatch. Then, we rest two minutes and take off and run again.

The key is to run them fast. Not as fast as you can, but fast.