Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mount Cheaha 50k Pictures!!

Yeah, we crossed that! Yeah, we crossed that after running 22 miles. Yeah, we ran 22 miles, crossed that, and then ran 9 more. Yeah, we did, and I would do it again this Saturday!

A special thanks to Brooke Nelson for all the photos from the infamous Chinnabee Creek Crossing on the Mount Cheaha 50k course. She was so cheerful as she was snapping all those photos. She asked if I were having fun, and my answer was that I was having a BLAST! I think my smiles in the pics below show that. I was probably smiling too much to have just run 22 miles with 9 of the most difficult miles I've ever covered still ahead of me.

Updated results with aid station splits are available now. Thanks again to Todd Henderson for directing this event. What a blast! Enjoy the photos.


Rae! said...

Amazing that you had to cross that. How are your feet doing? You had to run in soggy wet shoes after that? WOW!

reachdown said...

Believe it or not, NO BLISTERS!! I was shocked that I didn't have blisters because my feet were wet for most of the 31 miles. That was only one of at least a half dozen creek crossings.