Friday, April 24, 2009

Ad hoc

Today was about as ad hoc as a workout can be! I woke up and running seemed like a chore today. I just didn't feel like it and I didn't want to. Then, I couldn't decide what to do. My schedule called for 10 x 400m at 5k pace. I've already had 2 and a half hard workouts this week, so I wasn't really excited about anything at 5k pace. I needed an easy run.

I ran to the track at about an 8:20 pace and felt much better after the warm up. (Getting out the door and through the first mile is no doubt the most difficult part of any workout. Well, except for Tuesday's speed workout. That 6th 800 at 5k -15 s was the hardest part!) So I did 3 and a half 400's. I saw my buddy Matt about halfway through the 4th 400. He had just finished a speed session and was cooling down. I opted to join him on his cool down run which we did at about 8:20. Then I ran home at around 7:30 pace for 6 miles total. So it was neither easy nor hard. But I did something, which hopefully is better than nothing.

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Rae! said...

You made it out the door. That's what counts.