Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday - Friday

I did another 10 (ok, 11) miler in DC on Thursday. The weather was much nicer Thursday. There was a little wind, but the sun was shining (when it came up, I was out just before dawn) and the temperature was about 40. That's very nice running weather. I pushed a little harder Thursday and kept all my miles under 8:00 except for the first one. Most were close to 7:40 with a 7:20 mixed in. I was beat when I finished.

I just missed peak cherry bloom time. That was last week. There were a few cherry trees in bloom, and those were beautiful. Mostly, Tuesday and Wednesday's rain had beaten the blooms off. Still, Wednesday and Thursday's runs were very scenic and rewarding.

This morning, I did a 5 miler at a very easy pace, maybe 8:40 or so. I took a different route and it was quite boring. Maybe taking today off would have been a good idea. I'm just ready to be home now.

Anyway, I look forward to tomorrow's Cookie Dash 5k. Maybe I'll see you there.

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