Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Man, I wanted to race this morning. I haven't given a good race effort in a while. McKay Hollow was a good effort for that day, but I was sick that day. I set my alarm thinking I could go and give the HTC Scholarship Fund Run 8k a go. I've never run an 8k, so that made it all the more interesting.

When the alarm went off, I wanted to go, but I could just tell that I didn't have it. I was still a little fatigued and sore from the shingles this week. So, I just went back to bed, but not back to sleep. I couldn't sleep for wishing I were racing.

I wasn't going to miss running, however. The weather was just too perfect. So I headed out at about 10:30 for an easy 10 miler. Man, it felt great! I ran at about an 8:15 pace for most of the run. I had a couple of really slow miles in there where I saw folks I knew and stopped to chat, so the average pace is off. I really had no goal for this run other than time on my feet, so I enjoyed the visits with people that I don't see every day. The run felt so good that I kept going after 10 and did 12 miles total.

After that, I took the girls over to Rainbow Mountain to hike the trails there. They LOVE doing this, and I really enjoy it, too. It's one of my favorite things we do together. And they can hang in there for a 2 mile hike without the first complaint. Nice! Simply joyful times.

Mike has a good post telling about today's run. It was a GREAT 10 miler. I actually did 13+. Big kudos to Lanier who hung with us at the front, without a single complaint. He's been improving every week in our speed work, and today he hammered out those faster miles, even at the end of the 10 miles. Nice job, Lanier. My watch was about 0.4 off from Mike's, and includes my run over to the Rec Center before the group started.

  1. 7:30
  2. 8:08
  3. 8:39
  4. 7:52
  5. 7:32
  6. 7:35
  7. 7:25
  8. 7:17
  9. 7:19
  10. 7:16
  11. 7:11
  12. 3:45 (0.57 miles, 6:30 pace, had to finish strong)
The trot home was at a 7:52 average pace and felt slow! 11 out of 13 miles were sub 8:00 today. Thanks for the push, Mike, Carl, and Lanier.

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