Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cotton Row Course

I met Mike this morning to run the Cotton Row Run 10k course. I really love that course and I'm looking forward to the race. I have a goal for that race, and I'm going to work like mad to be ready between now and then. Then, I'm hoping for reasonable weather. A nice 43F temperature like today on Memorial Day would be nice, but that won't happen! Meeting my goal for this race will hurt. Mostly, between now and then, I'm mentally preparing for the pain.

Today was a great run. I'd probably consider this a tempo run. It was maybe just a tad slower than what my tempo pace should be. My watch had us averaging 7:04 per mile, but it was overly optimistic this morning. I started it a little early. Also, it was consistently alarming and auto-lapping before the mile markers on the course this morning, and it had us running 6.31 miles. Mike manually lapped his watch at the course marked splits, so his splits are much more accurate. Mike told me to push hard at the end, which we did. That was FUN! We ran maybe a 5:10 pace for the last 0.1 mile.
  1. 7:20
  2. 7:00
  3. 7:07
  4. 7:36 (Mountainwood!)
  5. 6:49
  6. 6:49
  7. 1:49
After that, I ran the 5k course at about an 8:25 pace.

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mgreene said...

All we have to do is knock 10 seconds per mile off each week from now until the race!