Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Speed Work

Today was the fourth Tuesday in a row that Matt and Lanier met at 5:00 AM for speedwork. I missed last week because of shingles, but I was glad to be back again this week. The schedule called for 8x800's. I was feeling like mixing it up, so we did a pyramid of sorts. 2x400, 2x800, 1x1 mile, 2x800, 2x400 for four total miles of fast running. I did just a smidge over 6 miles total including warmup and cool down. It was almost fun.
  1. 1:24
  2. 1:25
  3. 3:04
  4. 3:03
  5. 6:32
  6. 3:07
  7. 3:05
  8. 1:32 (lazy)
  9. 1:20-ish (Matt blazed this one in 1:16)
My times may be off a bit because I forgot my watch. I'm just going by memory of what Matt called out at the end of each interval. Matt, correct me if I'm wrong. I almost didn't make this session at all, so I was lucky to be there with or without a watch. I turned my alarm off this morning and didn't even remember doing it! My wife woke me up at 4:52 or so asking if I were going. I somehow made it there by 5:02. Thanks Leigh!

Matt was again at the front, but at least I was finishing with him today on all but the last one. I know now that if I'm in a close race with Matt, I can't let it come down to the last quarter or half. If I don't have an insurmountable lead by that point in the race, he'll destroy me. He's just faster on those distances than I ever can be.

Yesterday was 4 miles at 8:00 pace on a treadmill followed by a push/abs workout.

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rundanrun said...

Great pacing.
I wished my pacing was that good.
I usually setout at what feels good and fluctuate up and down.
Sometimes my last mile is faster or as fast as my first mile. Usually the last 3rd of the run loses 10 sconds or more per mile.