Friday, April 10, 2009

River City 10k Tomorrow

I've taken yesterday and today off hoping to have fresh legs for the 3M River City 10k tomorrow. I probably should have put in some easy miles yesterday or today. Without a definite plan, I tend to miss workouts. I need to recognize that and plan better. Oh well.

I'll probably eat a little crow here, but I'm going to put my goal for tomorrow's race out there. The River City 10k is the fastest 10k of the spring. If I'm going to get a 41:00, that's the race. 41:00 was a 2009 goal, so I have to go for it tomorrow. I don't know if I have a 41:00 in me. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I don't really care who finishes ahead of me or behind me tomorrow. I'm racing against a number.

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about siriusultrarunner said...

After this race you can forget about 10k PR's around here until the fall. I'd suggest pacing with someone else with similar goals. Just look at the results from last year and then look for that person tomorrow. Good luck with your time goal.

I am not racing the clock but the competition. I don't care what the time is, I just want to stay with the leaders, as long as it is not Riddle, who is currently untouchable.