Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Back

Wow! I don't know how much fitness one can possibly lose in just over a week, but I'm sure that I tested that limit! My diet was gross and I only ran once, a 5.5 miler in HEAVY traffic. It ended up being speed work from intersection to intersection. Miserable.

The only redeeming quality (from a fitness point of view) of the week is that we walked and walked and walked. There is really no way to estimate how much we walked, but it was miles and miles. I considered wearing my Garmin just to track it, but decided to just let go and have fun!

And we had fun. MUCH FUN! If at all possible, take your kids to Disney World when they're about 7 or 8. They were tall enough to ride everything in the parks. They were adventurous enough to ride the most intense rides like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. They were childlike enough to enjoy the kiddie rides like Snow White and the carousel. They were credulous enough to be excited by every character they saw and to want autographs and pictures. They were old enough not to complain about the heat and the walking. This was far and away the most fun I've ever had on any family vacation. The funnest part was watching their faces light up with every character, show, and ride.

We went nonstop from 7:00 AM until midnight or 1:00 AM every day except Sunday. Sunday we took off to worship. There was simply no time to run or do anything else except Disney.

Today was an 8 miler with Matt at about an 8:00 average pace. Most of the miles were in the 7:50 range except for the first and the seventh. Traffic and warm up are our excuse for those two miles. It was good to just run again. I really look forward to getting back into a routine. I'm resisting the urge to just go at it to make up for lost workouts. I figure that I should ease back in to avoid injury.

I'm still looking forward to running the Eurocross 5k and 8k on Saturday. My performance will be awful, but I don't really care. I have an excuse! :)

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rundanrun said...

Glad you all got back OK. My family loves Disney.

Diet... Did you eat any chocolate covered Mickey Ears. They are addictive.

I should be at Euro Cross Saturday.
I too have an excuse for not doing well.