Monday, June 15, 2009

Easy again

I did an easy 5.8 mile recovery run this morning at 8:40 pace. I just wanted to get moving. The only thing noteworthy was that it was 70F and 95% humidity. That's why I had to run so slow to keep it an easy run!

I worked my first race this past weekend, too. I was calling splits at the 5 mile marker of the Alabama A&M 10k. It was fun to see all the 130+ runners come by. The course comes by the 5 mile marker in the race twice, and I could see some folks hurting on the first time by. I know that feeling now. I've only gone out too hard once, but it's a bad feeling when you realize it! I was also impressed with Josh Whitehead. I don't normally see the front runners of a race. He had what looked to me like an insurmountable lead at the 5 mile split, but he was clearly still pushing. I could tell by his breathing. That's impressive to have the race in the bag and still find it in yourself to go at it hard. It was a great race on a tough course and the weather cooperated for the most part. Thanks to Mike Greene for putting on this race. Results are on the HTC website.

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