Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday 10 Miler in Athens

We had a good group to join us for this morning's 10 miler. There was nobody new, but there were 7 total in the group run. It's always good to see folks and to get the week started with a good run. And boy, did we brave some humidity this morning! It was thick and foggy. According to when I got home, it was 92% humidity and 70F. I was soaked and it was still foggy.

This run is a fun run for me, so I let others set the pace. If someone wants to push, I'll join them because it's fun to push. If nobody there is pushing the pace, I'll hold back and enjoy the company. I've done this run as fast as 1:11 and as slow as 1:35+. I just use this run as a consistent block on my calendar. I'll typically only miss it for illness or injury, travel, or a race. Maybe I should have a more training specific goal for this run, but for now, my goal for this run is to have fun.

Today, we accomplished a faster mile every mile. That was fun! Carl was setting the pace, and I think he had that in mind all along. I didn't realize it until he brought it to my attention at the end. It was a fun thing to do and it was neat looking at the splits afterward. It also teaches you to hold on, and even speed up when fatigue sets in. We ran it in 1:18:47 for an average pace of just over 7:50. We did have to alter our route just a little this morning because of a train. That takes the steepest climb out of the route, but the overall elevation change is the same.
  1. 9:09
  2. 8:32
  3. 8:17
  4. 8:09
  5. 7:56
  6. 7:48
  7. 7:28
  8. 7:21
  9. 7:15
  10. 6:48

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