Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Early Morning Speed

I haven't done speed work in a while, so I decided to ease back into speed work today. I planned to do 6 x 800m at about 5k pace. Matt and Lanier were at the track at 5:00 AM, but Lanier is battling an injury, so he didn't join the workout.

I wanted to quit before I got started! But Matt forced me to gut it out and do the workout. Once I started running, it wasn't so bad until the last quarter of the first half mile. I thought it would never end! It really seemed long. It wasn't, of course, but I just wanted to stop! After that, they were all pretty miserable and I wanted to quit worse. I think I mentioned quitting after every half mile. Matt talked me out of quitting every time. I hope I learned something from this workout. Maybe I developed a little mental toughness not to quit? Maybe I learned not to complain because my friends don't want to hear it? :)

Have I mentioned that it was humid this morning? UGH! 70 F with 92% humidity at 6:00 AM. Yep. 92%. Matt joked that we got our upper body workout cutting through the humidity! It was thick.

1. 3:06
2. 3:05 (long quarter)
3. 3:02
4. 3:02
5. 3:11 (long quarter, but I was lazy, too)
6. 2:59 (strong finish, well rested after the lazy 5th)

Since we started at 5:00 AM, I was home by 6:00 and still had time to go to the gym before work. I switched this week to a 3 day per week full body workout. 3 sets of 20 squats were difficult, to say the least. And the calf raises were torture, too. During the standing dumbell curls, my legs were shaking just holding my body weight! I could have done more curls if I could have stood longer! The legs are trashed.

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