Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Start to the Week

I met the gang for the usual Sunday morning 10 miler in Athens. I was able to get up early enough to run to the start this morning, so I got in a little over 13.5 total today. There were 3 other "dads" there and we had a nice Father's Day run.

It was HOT. It was in the mid 70's at the start and just over 80 after the sun came out. Combine that with high humidity, and it was a difficult run. We kept the pace just over 8:00 and I was SOAKED at the end of the run. It was nice to gut out the run, though. There were lots of other folks out walking and running, but almost no traffic on the streets.

Despite the heat and humidity, it was a GREAT run with some great company.

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