Tuesday, June 16, 2009


One of the deficiencies that I noticed in my training leading up to Cotton Row was the lack of tempo runs. For some reason, tempo runs have been all but absent from my training for a long time. I've been regularly doing 800's and mile repeats, but no tempo work to speak of. Even during marathon training last year, tempo workouts seemed to be the workouts that I skipped.

No more. I'm going to find a way to get a tempo run in every week. That's 20-40 minutes at lactate threshold pace.

Today, since it was the first one in a while, I did 20 minutes or 3 miles. Matt came over and we took the 2 mile route to the Athens High track to warm up and then did 2 laps around the track at tempo pace and the two miles back home (except for a route change because we got stuck behind a stinky garbage truck). Three miles in 20:20.
  1. 6:56
  2. 6:44
  3. 6:38
I need to figure out how not to speed up during tempo runs. They're not supposed to be hard, they're supposed to be comfortably hard. I suppose practice will help.

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