Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday 10 Miler in Athens

I'm back on track for the regular Athens 10 miler now. Every Sunday at 5:45 AM at the Athens Rec. Center. You're welcome to join.

Today, it was Matt, Carl, and me. We've all lost some conditioning recently, so we agreed to go a little easier on this run. Also, I added lower body workouts to my weight routine this week. It was the first time I had lifted weights with my legs in several months. I didn't do much, just some leg presses, squats, and hamstring curls. Since it was the first time in months, my legs were SORE. Combine that with yesterday's races, and I didn't have much in the tank.

Anyway... We all agreed that sub 75 minutes was not something we should do today. It was a great run with great company and a strong finish. I look forward to this 10 miler every week. 1:20:10 total with splits below.
  1. 9:36
  2. 8:29
  3. 8:13
  4. 8:08
  5. 7:48
  6. 7:48
  7. 7:40
  8. 7:27
  9. 7:25
  10. 7:27

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