Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday 10 Miler in Athens

Well, today makes two days in a row that running has humbled me. Yesterday was brutal and I just wasn't able to go as fast as I know I can go. Seriously, I can run faster than 6:57 per mile for 5 miles. I can. I have. I will again. I just couldn't yesterday (or today, for that matter).

Today, I ran over to the Rec Center to meet at the usual Sunday time and place for the usual Sunday 10 miler. Lanier, Carl, and I were the only takers on this brutally humid morning. I think today was the worst yet. When we started, the temperature was 73 and the dew point was 72. That's 96% humidity. Yuck. By the time we finished, the temp was nearer to 80, and the humidity was still above 90%. I was SOAKED. My shoes are still not dry.

I struggled mightily with today's run. I know that Carl had much more in the tank than I did and I slowed him down. It took all I had to maintain our 8:09 average pace. I knew I was in trouble early in this run. I tried very hard to hold on and it took all the effort I had just to finish this run. I did not finish strong, I just finished. At the end of the run, I had to hitch a ride home with Carl. I certainly didn't have enough in the tank to run home. Thanks for the ride, Carl!
  1. 8:31
  2. 8:16
  3. 8:07
  4. 7:52
  5. 8:03
  6. 8:05
  7. 8:06
  8. 7:55
  9. 8:20
  10. 8:04

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