Friday, June 12, 2009


Wednesday really took a lot out of me. The early start, the hard work on the track, and the hard work in the gym just drained me. So, I did nothing Thursday except take the kids roller skating. And for some reason, I was STARVING all day long. I never felt not hungry, even right after eating.

I was up too late Thursday night watching that silly NBA game. Why did I even bother with the overtime? Anyway...

This morning I really had to battle the "I don't want to". I drug myself out of bed and out the door. I decided to run easy. I ended up seeing a friend walking at the track that I haven't talked to in a while, so I joined him for about a mile. It was well worth the time to catch up. That was much better for my soul than running that mile would have been for my body. I ended up doing 6+ miles total at a very easy pace.

I also got in my weight routine today. I plan to stay committed to this resistance workout to see if I can get through this plateau I'm on. I'm feeling tired and a little sore from the weights, so it must be working!

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