Saturday, January 3, 2009


A while back I toyed with the idea of ending this blog because the training, marathon, and recovery were complete. Well, several have said they still want to read the blog, so the blog stays. I'll keep the name the same so that folks won't have to update links, etc. Also, the Rocket City Marathon is what started the blog and will hopefully be a key part of my training each year.

This weeks training

Remember that Tuesday I did speed work.

I followed that up with a long run. Not wise! Wednesday, New Year's Eve, Mark and I ran about 17 on Monte Sano. We ran the second half of Mt. Mist, with a wrong turn thrown in to add 1.5 miles. That's a tough finish! I totally bonked at about 14.5 miles. I just had no more gas. I kept stopping to walk. Thanks for your patience, Mark! I'll never do speed work and a long run on back to back days again.

Check out pictures from Wednesday's run in my Facebook photos.

Friday, I played 6 games of racquetball and then took Leigh and the kids for a hike on the trails at Monte Sano. We went about 3 miles total, which was just a little too far (my mistake), but the complaining was minimal. They loved it!

And today I did a 15 miler around Athens, 13+ of them with Matt. We ran mostly at an 8:30 pace and finished the run with the last 3 under 8:00, and miles 14 and 15 were around 7:40. Road miles sure do get easier after running on the trails! I don't have to think about every step!

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