Monday, January 26, 2009

Mount Cheaha

I got my confirmation email for Mount Cheaha yesterday. I checked the Mount Cheaha website today and both Matt and I are on the entrant list. There's no turning back now! Reading and hearing the reviews from Mountain Mist have me pretty excited! I have to get on the trails and train like a madman!

The weekly Athens run yesterday was a blast. I was in a bit of a rush posting yesterday and didn't say quite enough about that. There were 13 folks who showed up! Group runs are much more fun! I'm wondering at what point we have to get a parade permit! :) I tried to make up for slacking on Saturday by running a few extra (14 instead of 10) yesterday. I hope it worked out! I also did a couple of fartleks during the run. One was when my shoe came untied and I caught the group at about the 3 mile mark. The other was when I went from the back-middle of the pack to the front at about the 9 mile mark. It is really nice to be able to drop to a sub-7 pace 9 miles into a run! It's even nicer to finish 14 miles feeling like I could easily do a few more.

Today, I swam (for maybe the third time in 18 years). I did 10 laps in a 25 yard pool, and it absolutely exhausted me. I haven't completely forgotten how to swim, but almost! I have an ugly stroke and I let my right leg do too much work. I'll continue to work on that to see if a triathlon is something I can pull off anytime soon. Then, I did a regular "push" (bench press, military press, unassisted dips) and abs workout.

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