Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had scheduled a 6 miler today. The weather was supposed to be cool but dry. It was cool, but it was NOT dry! And it was windy. Yuck.

I left my house and headed for the Athens High track. Then, I did a couple of laps around the track and headed back to my house via the greenway. The portion of the greenway that passes under Forrest St. / Nick Davis Road was completely flooded! We had lots of rain yesterday. Then, it started sprinkling, and I was running into the wind getting soaked. Yuck. Today was just a gross run. I wanted to quit, but I had to get back home!

This is one of those days that has to make me a better runner or something. Something good has to come from today's misery!


Tanjie said...

So, did you turn back or go over?
I went over...I wanted to see what condition the bridge was where Swan and Town creeks converge. I was pleaseed to see it hadn't washed away this time.

reachdown said...

I crossed over Forrest Street. And the bridge was indeed intact! I crossed over the bridge and up the muddy hill where the recycling center used to be, across the cemetery, across 31 and back home.

Rae! said...

I am not big on running in the rain but I will.