Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mountain Mist

I have to start today by giving a BIG shout out to my buddy Mark Freeman. He had a fantastic run yesterday at Mountain Mist. He absolutely dropped the hammer down and blew away his goal and my expectation for his finishing time. He ran the toughest trail run in Alabama, the Mountain Mist 50k, in 5:20:17. That is insane good. Way to go Mark!!!! I'm way proud of my friend!! Congrats! Nice job! Amazing!

Results are at the HTC Website.

Mark made up for my slacking yesterday. I totally slacked. I ran maybe 2 or 3 miles tops. I just didn't want to, so I quit. Then, I played some racquetball, which was fun. I dove a couple of times and I'm a little sore. I have to learn not to go all out all the time.

Today, I met with the Athens group and ran 10 with them. I ran to the meeting place and ran home for a total of 14 miles. Today was the largest group yet! 13 folks! Great run guys and gals!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks bro! I appreciate you coming out and training on the trails with me also!!! That really helped motivate me!