Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why do I run?

I had more than one friend tell me that visible bruising is not something to just run through, so it's been a week since I ran. I missed it! I was planning to do a long run today, but I decided to go easy today and take advantage of tomorrow's glorious forecast to do an afternoon long run.

It's been a tough week with stress, sick kids, travel, concern for others well-being, lack of sleep, etc. I've just been totally overloaded. Well, last night, I had a long Bible study which set my mind at ease. Then I got some very good sleep.

Then, today I ran. No iPod, no buddy (though I did invite Matt, but he couldn't make it), no nothing. Just me. It was completely therapeutic! I'm sure I smiled the whole time!!! The previous week just melted away. As I hit mile 5, I noticed how easy the miles were for my body. I noticed how great it felt just to be out there. I never before thought 7 miles could feel so good!

I think I finally have some insight into why I run now. When I finish hard workouts, I'm rewarded with the accomplishment of overcoming that voice telling me to slow down and stop. When I don't finish hard workouts, I love the challenge to do better next time. When I race I enjoy the camaraderie of other runners and the challenge of beating my goal time. When I do easy workouts, I'm rewarded with the joy that running CAN be easy. There was a time (not very long ago!) when there was no such thing as an easy run! I am renewed. I am refreshed.

That's why I run.

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Rae! said...

Sometimes those are the best days. I love my E for sticking with me. I can so relate.