Monday, November 3, 2008

Hill Repeats

The plan for today was on again off again because of some personal things going on. But I was able to get the workout in, and it was a great one!

The schedule called for 10-12 miles with 10 minutes of total uphill time. Because of time, I had to opt for the lower end and only 9:00 TUT. Hopefully next week I can get 12 miles in. I drove over to Hughes Road in Madison and ran up and down the path that runs along Hughes Road for about 5 miles. Then I went to Thomas Drive and did 3 long hills (0.28 miles) and 3 short, steep hills (0.16 miles).

  1. 8:02
  2. 7:43
  3. 7:27
  4. 9:44 (Explanation to follow..)
  5. 7:53
During the 4th mile, I had to take a tech support call from my wife. It lasted a few seconds into the 5th mile, also. I tried not to slow down, but I had to stop and walk to be of any help to her at all! She needed to know how to set the interval timer on my stopwatch. :) She got her workout in this morning too! One day soon, I'll post about some people who have recently started running. And some even credit my blog for getting them started!

Times for the long hills...
  1. 1:56
  2. 2:05
  3. 2:03
Times for the short hills...
  1. 1:06
  2. 1:05
  3. 1:01 (Man, I REALLY want to break 1:00 on this hill, but I haven't ever. I really thought I had done it as I was chugging up that hill for the 3rd time. I WILL!!)
The I ran a couple of cool down miles at 7:43 and 7:55. Counting the 5 miles, uphill and downhill, it all came out to right at 10 miles.

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