Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mile repeats

The schedule for today called for 4 x 1 mile at 6:42 and 2 x 800m @ 3:10. I did a easy jog over to the Athens High 1.5 mile track at lunchtime. The route I took got me there in about 2.25 miles. I took the same route home, but had to take a quick detour and it was probably about 2.4 miles back home. Today was about 9.7 miles total.

I felt a little better than I expected and was hitting the miles too fast. So, after the first 2 miles with 2 minutes of rest between, I did the last 2 miles with no rest between them. Finishing the second mile in that 2 miler was tough, but I got close to my target pace. I probably should have done 2 x 2 miles today.
  1. 6:28
  2. 6:30
  3. 6:35
  4. 6:43
  1. 3:13 (I thought I was going to die!)
  2. 3:09 (Easier than the first 800, but still hard!)
This was a much better effort than yesterday. I was a little concerned about doing hard workouts on back to back days. Since I didn't really give yesterday a good effort (just forcing myself to DO any workout yesterday was a BIG win), I opted to go ahead and do this workout today. I'll take tomorrow off and aim for 22 miles Saturday.

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mgreene said...

You are really getting faster quickly! All those miles are paying dividends.