Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time Off

I really don't want to do this. Really, I don't. But I have to take a few days off. I thought I was over the bruised knee last week. The training went so well with minimal pain. The long run + race went right according to plan. The goal was 20 miles with a 1:40 half and I turned in 20+ miles with a 1:40:23. Just about spot on. The tempo workout last week was better than perfect.

Often times I've said to myself or to my running partner (Mark heard this at least 50 times Saturday), "You just have to run through that." Well, that bruised left knee just won't go away. It's been a month now, and it's been nagging me. Visible bruising is probably not something I should just run through. So, I'm giving it this week to heal up. I'll probably post info about my other boring workouts and maybe some random thoughts this week. But no running at least until Saturday's long run, a 22 miler.


Rae! said...

So do you have bad knees or is it just being sore from all the running?? How did you get up to 22 miles?? I am bearly breaking 10 and hitting the wall and I end up walking from 7 miles.

reachdown said...

Well, Saturday's post shows that I'm not really up to 22 miles. :) I've been able to add the miles more easily than I thought I would. My wall seems to be around 14 or 15, though. I just fight through it.

I've had nagging injuries since I started. I think I'm making the common rookie mistake of too much too soon. I've had runner's knee, IT band, and a tight hamstring. This injury, though, is just a bruise (I fell playing tennis) that I haven't allowed to heal because I've been running.