Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, I finally got in a workout today. It was my first one of the week. I needed the time off from running because of my knee. But I shouldn't have been lazy and ditched exercise altogether. It's been a busy and absolutely crazy week, but I still should have worked it in somewhere. At least I've kept my diet under control so the damage may not be too bad. Anyway...

3 sets of 15 50 lb. dumbbell presses
3 sets of 15 leg presses. Not sure how mush weight was on the machine.
3 sets of lunges with 35 lb. dumbbells
3 sets of 15 military presses
40 minutes on the exercise bike w/ avg. HR of 132. (a bit lazy, I know)

Looking forward to running again... Once, it took much discipline to make myself run. It takes as much discipline now NOT to run.

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