Sunday, November 16, 2008

18 miler

Long runs have a way of humiliating me. I need it, for sure. I planned to do 22 miles today. When I got started, I knew I wouldn't finish. I started too late. I simply didn't have the 3 hours available that I knew it would take. It wasn't a terrible run. I accomplished a lot in the 18 miles, but I missed my goal. Next week, I'll try to get 22 in.

I'd be lying if I said my knee didn't hurt at all, but it sure does feel better than it has in a long time after a long run. I think I can get to the start line from here.

I ate lunch, and then started my run less than 30 minutes later. Big mistake. My stomach was not right for the whole run, and still isn't. To make it worse, I started too fast. I was struggling a little at 6 miles, so I knew this run had disaster written all over it. 4 miles short of the goal is pretty much disaster.

But hey, the weather was FANTASTIC!

  1. 7:27
  2. 7:25
  3. 7:31
  4. 7:36
  5. 7:33
  6. 9:10 (Walked some to refuel)
  7. 8:30 (Water bottle refill)
  8. 7:23
  9. 7:36
  10. 7:45
  11. 7:38
  12. 7:46
  13. 9:06 (Walked to refuel)
  14. 8:20 (Water bottle refill)
  15. 8:04 (out of excuses now, just running out of gas)
  16. 8:05
  17. 8:14
  18. 9:11
I could have gotten two more miles in. 4 more, I'm not sure about. But I was out of time.

Hopefully next time I can start a little slower and hit 7:40-ish on the last miles.

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